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Terms and conditions of the service “On-line payment”

(Public offer)

1. OOO «MANI» (PSRN  1110280051970, 450077, RB, Gorod Ufa, ulica Kommunisticheskaya, d. 45/3, further – Agent) offers any individual to use the service “On-line payment” (further equals to “Service”) to deposit the account of Subscribers. 

2.    The usage or an attempt to use the Service is taken as acceptance of this Offer. If the person does the payment then it means he/she totally agrees with the terms of the Offer.

3.    Acceptance of the Offer is the provement that all and any terms of the offer are taken by the accepting person wholly, without any limits. It means that accepting person is familiar with all terms and conditions of this Offer he/she used his/her right to get any additional information from concerning the details about the Offer from the Agent. Accepting person confirms that the terms and conditions of the Offer meet his/her requirements, demands. Acceptance of the offer means that the Offer doesn’t contain conditions that are stated in paragraph 2 of the article 428 of the Civil code and any pressing conditions for the accepting person, which he/she wouldn’t agree with according to his/her common sense if he/she had the chance to take part in definition of the terms and conditions of the Offer.

4.     Agent has the right to change terms and conditions of this Offer. Updated version is available in the following resource of the website:

5.      In this Offer stated below terms and definitions have the following meanings:

5.1. Agent – OOO «MANI», which is bank’s payment agent or subagent, who has signed the contract with the Provider of monetary funds’ transfer. Monetary funds are deposited to the accounts of the Subscriber from Users as a payment for the service of Suppliers with the help of Provider within the terms of the contract;

5.2. Subscriber – any person that uses one or several services of the Suppliers basing on the contract between the Suppliers and the Agent.

5.3. Provider – organization that in relevance with the legislation has the right to transfer monetary funds (without limitations transfer of electronic monetary funds).

5.4. User – individual or corporate customer that pays or ready to pay for the services of the Suppliers. The User can either be the Subscriber or not.

5.5. Supplier – corporate customer that has certain license and provides Card-holders with the services including, but not limiting:

5.5.1. – mobile communication

5.5.2. – bank and financial services

5.5.3. – service that includes provision with Internet access.

5.6.  Personal account – virtual User’s private office that is located on Agent’s servers and you can find it here: You will get the access to it only after authorization (entrance of username and password that only the User knows). Within this authorization the Parties exchange technical important information.

5.7.   System – automated program-equipped complex that belongs to OOO «MANI». It unites the participants (Users, Suppliers, Agent) and provides informational and technical cooperation between the parties. The website of the system:– (further - Website). 

5.8. Sbuscriber’s account – analytical account of the Subscriber in automated system of calculations of the Provider with Subscriber for provided services.

5.9. API – technical protocol of cooperation that allows the User, applying its software, to work with the System in automated mode. In additions without any limitations is possible to: get any information from web-interface, ask to deposit monetary funds to Subscriber’s account. Protocol’s description can be found in the Website.

5.10. Paid services – informational service or any kind of the service that is User provided with by the Agent. The Agent charges the User for this service. The list of paid services and the fees info is given in Personal account. Paid services are not obligatory, so the User himself/herself defines the list and the amount of Paid services that he/she would like to get.

6. In order to make a payment the User should choose the Supplier, indicate the sum that should be paid;provide ID info which the Supplier will use to identify the Subscriber. After going through this procedure the User is forwarded to certain websites of payment systems where he/she makes the payment. The Parties agreed that the service is considered to be done at the moment of payment. Any additional deeds are not required.

7. The User has the right to decline the payment until the procedure of payment. If the User declines the payment via payment systems for any reason, the monetary funds are returned to the User. If the payment was done successfully, User’s demand to get refund of monetary funds is forwarded by the Agent to the Suppliers who makes final decision concerning returning monetary resources.

7.1.In order to return monetary resources the User should send the Agent written statement about the refund of monetary funds. The required form of the written statement is given in the Appendix of this Offer. The copy of the passport should be attached to the written statement.  

7.2. The refund of the monetary resources will be done to the User’s account that is given in the written statement within the following time frame:

Denial of payment - 10 business days from the day when the Agent has received the Written statement;

Successful payment – 10 business days from the day when the Supplier has made positive decision concerning the refund.

8.    The User is obliged to fill all the spaces that identify the Subscriber in Agent’s books of record; to obey the maximum sum of transaction according to country’s legislation where the Supplier is located.

9.   The User is obliged to keep the information about the Username and the Password of the Personal account in inaccessible place for third parties, not to give this information to others and not less than once a week change the password.

10.    The user is obliged not to misapply the System, including not to use the System for regular profit extraction and not to violate system’s operation.

11. The Agent is obliged to accept the information from the User concerning depositing of monetary funds to Accounts of the Subscribers via System in any convenient way – via Website or API;to deposit the full volume of monetary funds from the User to Suppliers in accordance with given information about the payments

12. The Agent’s fee for actions dealing with depositing to Subscribers’ accounts is given in frame forms. The fee is charged at the moment of transaction of monetary funds to Subscribers.

13. VAT is not included in the fee since the Agent applies STS.

14. Parties have the responsibilities in cases and amounts that are set by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

15. The Parties are dismissed from the responsibility for partial or complete nonfulfillment of the commitments, if the fulfillment is prevented by case of emergency or by unavoidable circumstances (insuperable force).

16. The Parties are obliged not to let the third party know Restricted information (exceptions are the cases when disclosure meets the requirements of current legislation) and to use it only to fulfill commitments according to the Offer. Restricted information is considered the information dealing with technical support, commerce, finances that is directly or indirectly related to Parties’ relations. This information is not published in public media and is not given for free access.

17. The fact of giving any information or any documents by one of the Parties to representatives of authorized state organizations in accordance with legislation is not considered as public disclosure of Restricted information.

18. If the resolution of disagreement cannot be reached via negotiations, the problem might be considered in regular court/by justice of the peace (for individuals) at the place of Agent’s location basing on the right of the Russian Federation and in the procedure defined by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

19. Undertaking obligations the User gives the Agent personal information and also another data that is given by the User when using the Service. The User agrees with the Agent for procession of personal data. The procession of personal data is done by the Agent and also by another User in order to fulfill the Offer. It includes: data collection, filing, accumulation, storage, specification (update, change), usage, distribution, depersonalization, blocking, annulment of personal data. The User is informed that his/her personal data can be processed either in automated mode or in non-automated mode. The User agrees that the Agent has the right to assign the third party to process User’s personal data. The User agrees with trans border procession of his/her personal data.

20. The agreement with procession of personal data is valid within indefinite period. The action of the agreement can be stopped basing on the written statement that is signed by the User and is given or sent to the Agent via registered mail with return receipt. The User agrees with procession of his/her personal data until receiving the written statement about withdrawal of agreement to process personal data.

21. The Parties agreed that when providing the service the Agent collects the following information – Subscriber’s and User’s phone number; e-mail address; User’s last name, name, middle name; name of User’s company and the history of payments. The Agent doesn’t collect or store data of User’s payment cards and his/her ID information.

22. Invalidity of certain paragraphs, statements or parts of this Offer, contradiction to current legislation or to any obligations of the Parties cannot be the reason for admission of the whole Offer as invalid.

23. The Parties discussed that each Party has the responsibility concerning payment of all taxes and fees in accordance with the current legislation.

24. Address and reference details of the Agent.


De juro address: 450077, RB, Gorod Ufa, ulica Kommunisticheskaya, d. 45/3

De facto address: 450077, RB, Gorod Ufa, ulica Kommunisticheskaya, d. 45/3

TIN 0275075233

RRC 027501001

PSRN 1110280051970

Bank account 40702810801170000653

in OAO «Bank Moskvy»

Corresponding account number 30101810380730000946

BIC 048073946

Phone: 89177555792


To submit written statement you need to download it, fill in and send the scanned variant to the following e-mail address